How I went from feeling constantly tired, overwhelmed, chunky and unattractive to the best years of my life…and how you can do the same!

Hi, I’m Kimmberly Wotipka. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and Coach whose mission is to ensure you have everything you need to manage and optimize your hormones, health and lifestyle.

I’m also a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, girlfriend, care-taker, bestie and bread-winner. Hard worker, organizer, cheerleader, do-gooder, risk taker and life lover. I believe we’re all, each and every one of us, on the same team…women who believe in themselves and each other.

In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with PCOS and had always suffered from PMS and painful periods. After taking fertility drugs to get pregnant, I had a hard time losing the weight. Fast forward to my late 30’s and I found myself having a hysterectomy which led to a hormonal hell. I was on bio-identical hormones for about 10 years and still had a hard time managing my weight, my emotions and my energy. What I discovered during this time of transformation for myself was that my cortisol was extremely low (you know, that little hormone that tells you to get out of bed and take care of yourself in the morning!), my thyroid was low and I had excessive bad estrogens.

I learned what to eat, what type of exercise works for whom, and what supplements worked…and didn’t. I reclaimed my own life and want to help you do the same. My training is in Holistic Health and each woman is different. You most likely will need to adjust your lifestyle pertaining to the foods you eat, you may need supplements or simply to learn to relax and ease chronic stress. Most times it will be all of the above. Each woman’s treatment plan is designed to optimize her health and lifestyle…it’s not a cookie-cutter approach.

C’mon and join me in my mission so you can live the life you have always wanted for yourself!


is what I do.

Yet, even today, with all the science we have laser focused on the nutrition industry, there are very well-known weight loss chains promoting this approach.

(Maybe it just means job security for them…their clients will ALWAYS have to return – because it doesn’t work!)

Look at it this way…

Let’s say you and your best friend were on a 2,000 calorie per day diet.

You built your 2,000 calorie diet using largely lean protein and veggies…and a small amount of fats.

Your friend chose lots of sugar and breads, pasta, rice, crackers, etc. Call it typical “Western Diet” stuff…

…Same caloric intake…

…Same activity levels…

Calories in, calories out. Right?

Not exactly.

Our bodies treat protein, fat and carbohydrate calories VASTLY differently (as you will see by the numbers in the infographic).

So, what do you think you and your friend will look like 6 months from now?

Yeah…you guessed it. You will be a LOT leaner than your friend.

Theory proven. (Or disproven…depending upon which side of this argument you fall on.)



Oh, if it were all as easy as this…

As a society, we have certainly added a bit of complexity to our food choices. No doubt.

In fact, I have always been amazed at what clients consider a ‘healthy diet’ when I ask them to write it all out or simply describe their typical week of meals.

Navigating all of this can be a nightmare. I see it every day.

This is where I can help…

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish someone could just tell me what to eat!”

If you had that, it’s very likely you could get to where you want to be. Lose the unwanted fat and finally NOT have to stress about slowly adding weight over the years…

What if I could design your meals for you, make sure you were doing the correct types of workouts (no matter where you are) AND help you break the habits that got you in a bit of trouble in the first place?

Would you be interested?

Step one is a free, no obligation phone call.

We can discuss where you are in your “quest” and if our program is a good fit for you.

You see, I am a Precision Nutrition ProCoach. This means I employ a system that has been used by over 45,000 people just like you (to the tune of almost a MILLION pounds of fat loss).

That’s a pretty serious number.

Keep this in mind: You will be asked to make changes, but you WILL reach your goal.

And I provide a guarantee. Here it is…

If you stick with me and DON’T achieve the goals we have set up for you, I will refund every penny you spent on the program.

Seriously. Who does that?

This is not meant to sound cocky…It’s simply the power of the ‘system’.

A system developed over many years, tested, tweaked, refined and then tested some more.

The result is the number one trainer-based, weight loss program…in the world.

Simply call today and let’s see if we are a match (Not everyone is a good fit for this approach, so a conversation first is best.)

So… Let’s put together a few “Action Steps” to take away from this conversation:

Review the infographic in detail

Pick ONE step you can do to make a change TODAY…I suggest your start using the ‘palm’ method to measure your next serving of lean protein.

Pick up your phone and let’s chat about your goals and the details of our program.

Oh, and remember that NONE of these steps costs you a dime…

Committed to your health…and goals.

Call me today.


Kimmberly Wotipka
Holistic Health Practitioner and Coach

P.S. The final take away? A calorie is NOT a calorie, so don’t get pulled into the lies and myths surrounding nutrition. Call today for a free consultation.

Call me today.


Ready for a change? Let’s see what we can do.

Get in shape. Live a good life. Be the person you know you can be.